ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2007

Aboriginal art

In September I and my girlfriend went to Australia where her sister got married. The vacations after months of non-stop working were literally earned with swet. We came down there after 28 hours of flying with three different planes and we spend over there 3 lovely weeks. We have seen a lot of nice places, a lot of crocs and unusual animals, spent days just lying on the beach and stuff like this.

I saw that Sasa was doing the diploma work on the Aboriginal culture, so I decided I can post some pictures about their art too.

So here they are!

This is the Rainbow. Behind every picture is a story, but I don't remember what was this one about, but I'll ask Kris and then I could tell you.

And here is one of the jumping crocs we saw at the Adelaide River. You can actually see them 50-60 cm away from you, when they are trying to catch the piece of meat.

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