ponedeljek, 29. oktober 2007

Linux, here we go!

After few days of installing this new software I am now reaching you, dear readers, with the operating system called OpenSUSE. It is magnificent in some ways and weard in others, but my ex-Windows are now gone. I was told, that Linux is in some ways better than Windows, but unfortunatelly I have got a notebook and it is quite old, 4 years or so.
Installation was almost completely automatic, and I am surprised that I did not have to fill an IP address when I was trying to connect the internet, but still I have some problems with getting used to this nothing-like-windows environment.
Also I was told, that applications for Linux are free, but I found out that it is not like that with all of them. Well, I think I have to learn how to use it, before I make my last thought about it.
What about you? Which operating system do you use and why?

četrtek, 18. oktober 2007

Playground of information and meeting place for people

I first started using the internet I think in the last year of my primary school in Nova Gorica. We were having a computer course over there and I joined in. It was very confusing at the beginning because I want to see every single bit of the internet in an hour or so.

I started using forums on the SiOL.net site, to register there I had to make my own e-mail account at Hotmail.com. After a year or so I finally realised that internet can be used not just for fun, but also for making things for school, share ideas with other people and things like this.

Two years ago I bought myself a laptop and started to visit forums at Mobisux.com and in October 2006 I also started to write my blog Mnenjeplet. When I was doing that I also made some nice pictures using application Stripgenerator - it is a lot of fun in there, really!

In January this year I met a blogger named Spela, who is making also her own blog - we liked each other and I hope to see her soon. He is in Germany at this moment, I think.

Using the internet is I think becoming more and more a-thing-to-do-every-day. On the internet you can find practically anything you want - if you don't find something special, there are people who know things or can find it for you. I like using the internet and I think it is a well based and world wide library of informations and also a huge playground and meeting place for people.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

I know it's not the end of month!

But I can't help myself.

Not going to school on Mondays is for me a kind of a rule. This is the only day of the week when I do not work and I like to spend it with my girlfriend. Yesterday we were making the Halloween pumpkins. It was a lot of fun, we were sitting in front of our parents house right on the sun for I think 5 hours or so. The pumpkins are great. Have a look! ;)

Here is my girlfriend's pumpkin ... from far away ...

and a little nearer ...

and here is mine DPC - Digital Pumpkin Clock!
I wrote everything a little longer on my Slovene blog here. There are also lots of othe pictures there. Have fun! ;)

ponedeljek, 15. oktober 2007

Aboriginal art

In September I and my girlfriend went to Australia where her sister got married. The vacations after months of non-stop working were literally earned with swet. We came down there after 28 hours of flying with three different planes and we spend over there 3 lovely weeks. We have seen a lot of nice places, a lot of crocs and unusual animals, spent days just lying on the beach and stuff like this.

I saw that Sasa was doing the diploma work on the Aboriginal culture, so I decided I can post some pictures about their art too.

So here they are!

This is the Rainbow. Behind every picture is a story, but I don't remember what was this one about, but I'll ask Kris and then I could tell you.

And here is one of the jumping crocs we saw at the Adelaide River. You can actually see them 50-60 cm away from you, when they are trying to catch the piece of meat.

petek, 12. oktober 2007

It is the second start for me!

My name is Velišček Matej.
It is the second time for me to have a blog. My previous blog was on this link, but there I was writing in Slovene. It was quite a fun to share some things (good and bad) with the people all over the Slovenia. But at the end of a February 2007 I got a job in Goriška Brda, Medana where I work as a waiter in a nice and fancy restaurant (you can have a look on their website). There is also a small hotel (they have 8 rooms and 2 appartments). It is very nice to meet different kind of people and talk to them and practice your English in a way you enjoy - for me this mean serving the best wine and food we can offer. If you want, come and visit us up there.
If you want to write me something, please do so - and if you want to write me personally, you can use my email: opikec@gmail.com.

Something to start with ...

... are these few words!