ponedeljek, 29. oktober 2007

Linux, here we go!

After few days of installing this new software I am now reaching you, dear readers, with the operating system called OpenSUSE. It is magnificent in some ways and weard in others, but my ex-Windows are now gone. I was told, that Linux is in some ways better than Windows, but unfortunatelly I have got a notebook and it is quite old, 4 years or so.
Installation was almost completely automatic, and I am surprised that I did not have to fill an IP address when I was trying to connect the internet, but still I have some problems with getting used to this nothing-like-windows environment.
Also I was told, that applications for Linux are free, but I found out that it is not like that with all of them. Well, I think I have to learn how to use it, before I make my last thought about it.
What about you? Which operating system do you use and why?

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kozmcrae pravi ...

[Pardon my English please]

"Toto, I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore."

No, all open source software is not monetarily free. But most of the general purpose software is. You should be able to do most of the things a normal person would do with a standard installation of Linux.

The only thing I had a difficult time with on SuSe (about a year ago) was Yast. I didn't use it more than a day so my brief test isn't very informative. There is a lot to learn, but not because Linux is inherently difficult. It's because it is such a rich environment. There are none of the constraints that proprietary software shackles you with. Linux detractors like to mention the command line like it's some kind of boogie man. The command line is just another way to interact with Linux. A very efficient way, but it's not necessary with most popular distributions.

I hope you stick with it. Linux is getting better at a faster rate than Apple and Microsoft's offerings. And don't be afraid to try different distros, you may be pleasantly surprised.

pikec85 pravi ...

so, which distribution, do you use now?
i'm kinda scared of this yast ... i'll google this word to find out what it is about ;)

kozmcrae pravi ...

I use PCLinuxOS. It is known for having very good hardware detection. I used to use the Fedoras 3 - 7. Fedora is a very good distro, but it requires more care and attention than I would like to give. Mepis is also a very good distro. It is worth it to try several distros if you can. Another thing to keep in mind is that the rate of development with all the major distros is very fast. If some distro didn't work well for you, try it again in 6 months. It will have changed a lot since then. Just remember that quote in my first post.

Saša pravi ...

I use Windows Vista because my private techie chose so and I trust his choice :-). Good luck with OpenSUSE!

bili pravi ...

me also windows,at work mac and windows... I have linux somewhere on some portable disc... all of them have their advantages and disadvantages...depends what's your most used to...;)

pikec85 pravi ...

I have heard that the best distribution of Linux that is now available is PCLinux or something like that. I'll try it and after that I can tell you a litlle bit more of its pros and contras ;)